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  • Greek Godds

    Greek Godds Play now
    Try your luck with "Greek (G)odds". Coming with a theme which is inspired by Greek mythology this 5-reel slot is offering a broad range of features like up to 30 Winlines, Minigame, Scatters, Pick Me Bonus, Free Spins, great sounds and animated slot symbols.
  • Jungle Jewels

    Jungle Jewels Play now
    "Jungle Jewels" is offering with its up to 30 "Win-lines", "Wilds", "Freespins", "Mini Game", and up to 4.000 credits winning opportunity attractive slot machine features. Deep in the tropical jungle many treasures can be discovered but you need good memory skills to master the embedded mini game which provides additional winning opportunities.
  • Siesta y Fiesta

    Siesta y Fiesta Play now
  • Barn Kings

    Barn Kings Play now
  • Future Fortune

    Future Fortune Play now
    The "Future Fortune" slot machine invites you to the world of gipsy fortune tellers. The carefully crafted symbols, the nice symbol animations, and the atmospheric sound patterns provide an intrigueing gaming experience. Future Fortune comes with mini game which is based on the concept of the popular Memory game. You need to find as many corresponding card pairs as possible. So more pairs you could identify so more bonus credits you will earn.
  • Luxury Life

    Luxury Life Play now
    Did you ever dream having a luxury life. "Luxury Life" is an amazing slot machine built around the symbols of a Paris Hilton style life. In the mini-game you need to line-up shopping bags to make them disappear so that the price objects can find their way to the bottom. It is a real race against the time. Funny!
  • Reels of Fortune

    Reels of Fortune Play now
    The "Reels of Fortune" 5-reel slot machine combines luck symbols from many cultures like the lucky 8, four-leaf clover, wishbone, horseshoe, dice, buddha, and the fortune cat Maneki Neko with animated reel symbols and attractive gaming features like: "Freespins", "Wilds", "Pick Me" bonus, 15 winlines, and up to 2.500 credits maximum win. So if you like to try your luck "Reels of Fortune" is a good start to check out if today is your lucky day.
  • Sahara Gold

    Sahara Gold Play now
    "Sahara Gold" takes you on a trip back to the ancient Egypt. It combines popular Egyptian symbols like the Sphinx, the Ankh (symbol of eternal life), and several numbers and characters with animated reel symbols and attractive gaming features like: "Freespins", "Wilds", "Pick Me" bonus, 15 win-lines, and up to 2.000 credits maximum win. So if you are up for something extraordinary, "Sahara Gold" may become your favorite Fantasy slot.
  • Western Legend

    Western Legend Play now
    The "Western Legends" 5-reel slot machine comes with a "Wild West" theme. Animated reel symbols and popular gaming features like: "Wilds", "Freespins", "Pick Me" bonus, 15 winlines, and up to 2.000 credits maximum win are offering an amazing Western style game play. The nicely designed symbols, the symbol animations and the Honky Tonk music provide a really inviting gaming experience.
  • 1 Million Dollar BC

    1 Million Dollar BC Play now
    Travel back in time to the early days of mankind and save the human species from extinction. The rough geological conditions during the rise of the species homo require your fast reaction to ensure that the early humans will survive.
  • All American

    All American Play now
    Compared with the classic Jacks or Better video poker "All American" has increased, equal payouts for a Full House, Flush, and a Straight (the ratio are a generous 8:1). The payouts for Four of a Kind and a Straight Flush are also higher than in Jacks or Better. Two Pairs pay however pay-out instead of 2:1 only equal (1:1).
  • Awesome 5

    Awesome 5 Play now
    This slot comes with a thrilling "Mini Game": As a superhero you have to protect the world against smashing asteroids. Beyond this fast paced mini game you will be pleased by great animations and top gaming features like: "Mystery Bonus", "Scatters", "Freespins", 30 winlines, and up to 5.000 credits maximum win which all together are offering an extremely amusing game play. Take also a look to the animated paytable. Move the mouse over the symbols. Amazing!
  • Blackjack EU Multi Hand

    Blackjack EU Multi Hand Play now
    Play the one of the most common casino games there is. Black Jack , the game everybody has played. Everybody knows the thrills of hitting the right cards. Shuffle up and Good Luck!
  • Freeze Out

    Freeze Out Play now
    "Freeze Out" lets you join unlimited winter sports fun with a nicely animated 3D video slot.
  • Jail Breaker

    Jail Breaker Play now
    Try to escape from prison with our the fantatsic 3D slot JailBreaker. This 5-reel slot machine is packed with features like up to 30 Winlines, Minigame, Scatters, Pick Me Bonus, Free Spins, great sounds and animated slot symbols. Give this game a try, you won't regret it.
  • European Roulette

    European Roulette Play now
    Roulette is a name we all know. It always remains a very nice and exciting game to play. Everybody can play the game. Place your bets and spin the wheel! Good Luck!
  • Texas Hold ’em

    Texas Hold ’em Play now
    "Texas Hold'em" has become the most popular poker variant which has ousted traditional stud poker. This casino version of Texas Hold'em is played with two face down dealt cards each for the player and dealer and five community cards which are placed face up. The game-play is divided into a series of betting rounds and consequential dealing of community cards. Raising a bet should be based on arithmetically decisions to maximize the winning probability.